Les Passages Jumeaux

by This Morn' Omina

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Ma(i)nomai 05:46
Taninim 05:26
Naasseni 07:16
Tsidii 07:53
Aemae(ea)th 03:25
Eleggua 06:25
Osain 04:15
Agayu 06:43
Osun 06:59
Ibedyi 04:12
Oddua 04:43


Original presstext:

::all movement remains chaos::

Les Passages Jumeaux shows one of the possible ways to reach a state of mind and body where there are no more opposites. (the figure, 'Doublelionrouti' is a physical representation of this.) The premise is that every path has the same destination and so there cannot be any conflicts by/through/of existence.

This release is the result of the unification of opposites (or whatever is thought of as opposite at first sight - as "discussed" on Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge - it will become 'identical' after deeper insight has been achieved). 

Les Passages Jumeaux is about the unification of a glimpse for the unattentive and a deeper realm for the astute. Joining is the necessary step towards final trancendence. (which is perhaps shown by sal-ocin becoming a full-time member).

Carroll's 'not thinking' is a basic premise but so is its logical extention: 'not understanding'. Similar to the sensation of dizzyness caused by holding your breath longer than your physical entity allows.
Do not be misguided by the 'superficial' reference of the 'degrees' - as whatever it is classified as is irrelevant.

What the 'mirror' reflects is essentially the same even though our mind tricks us and tells us it is another image.

Let Les Passages Jumeaux engulf you like a wave - and lengthy discussions will soon prove to be futile and inapt - not because it is inherent to the concept of language - but mainly because the subliminal cannot be explained, it can only be used as a catalyst.

::go naked for a sign on the tin::

About the music it has been written that:

le 25ième degré (cd1): you will be blown away by the sheer power and intensity of the first two tracks but then you will be lead into a state of hypnosis, trance and ecstasy - and before you know it you will get trapped in the tribal beats and moody sequencer lines. lines that lead to the world tree and le 33ième degré. 

le 33ième degré (cd2): your senses will be overwhelmed by thronging rhythmic variations, atmospheric synth lines and voice samples. after the final track you have are two options: lower the temperature to 25 degrees and start over - or get up and enjoy the [ccf]-versions of five 'Les Passages Jumeaux' tracks on the additional cd-ep 'Au Delà De Tous Les Degrès'.


released May 30, 2006


all rights reserved


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